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Thermographic survey

SIA Efekta performs the development of a thermographic procedure, as a result of which it is possible to determine the technical condition of the building and detect the areas of heat loss.

What is thermography?

Thermographic survey determines all sites of heat loss, irrespective of the severity of the problem. The infrared radiation of the surface is determined by means of a thermal camera or thermographer and is reflected on the screen of the thermal visor in the appropriate spectrum.

Irrespective of the type of building, the principal problems remain the same: errors made during the building process, wear of structures, low thermal resistance and energy efficiency level. But how to resolve problems, if the cause thereof is unknown? The reply is simple - surveillance with a thermal camera needs to be performed!

Upon the determination of the potential heat loss sites, or making assumptions, it is not possible to resolve the developed problems yourselves and to eliminate the recurrence thereof in the long run. You must address building specialists with the document containing the thermogram. They possess the competences that are required to perform the required improvements and to eliminate the errors made during construction.

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The team of Efekta has helped us to resolve two issues simultaneously - to perform an energy audit of the company and to help in receiving CFLA support by implementing two large-scale measures that significantly improve the energy efficiency of the manufacturing processes.

Jānis Bergs
Production Manager
Latvijas Nacionālā Bibliotēka

As a result of market research, we have addressed Efekta on the issues of energy efficiency including energy certification of buildings, as well as the potential attraction of EU fund co-financing. Professional and individual approach of the team at each object, as well as their ability to adapt the deadlines to the needs and plans of the individual company are worthy of being praised.

Juris Ģiedris
Head of the Technical Engineering Department

Professional attitude and operative help in compliance with the requirements of the Law. In addition to the introduction of Energy Management System, we have received valuable advice and assistance in the process of system certification.

Iluta Rasa
Deputy Director

The team of Efekta has helped us to perform an energy audit of the company, as well as to receive CFLA support. As a result, we have implemented some of the measures that significantly improved the energy efficiency parameters of the company by reducing the consumption of fuel and operation costs of the boiler house.

Rodijs Trankalis
Board Member

We required the developed technical documentation, i.e., energy certificate and technical inspection report, for participation in the co-funding programme. We are completely satisfied with our co-operation with Efekta.

Juris Bogužs
Chairperson of the Board of Management
Latvijas Mobilais Telefons

Technical Inspection of the building at Ropažu iela 6 was performed in co-operation with Efekta. We are more than satisfied with the quality of the provided service, because, in addition to the principal work, valuable advice was provided regarding further steps in the process of the maintenance of the building.

Andrejs Šišovs
Director of Operational Service
Valmiermuižas Alus

The introduction of the Energy Management System was a strategic target with the objective of optimising our energy resource costs and meeting the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Law. The responsible approach of the team of Efekta to the entrusted works and compliance with all deadlines is definitely praiseworthy.

Ainārs Mačivka
Production Manager

During the energy certification process of SRE buildings, Efekta developed additional documentation as well - deeds for the inspection of heating boilers, technical inspection reports, as well as air conditioning system inspection deeds. Considering the status of the object of strategic importance and other conditions, we are very satisfied with the co-operation experience that we have been having to date!

Dzintars Grasmanis
Energy Auditor

On commission by the Art Academy of Latvia, Efekta performed energy certification of the buildings in Kalpaka bulvāris 13, Riga The employees performed their duties conscientiously, quickly and in compliance with the concluded contract. It is pleasant to resolve energy efficiency related issues together with SIA Efekta, and the company has proven that they are a reliable co-operation partner.

Arnis Meijers
Technical Director

Considering the deadlines for the submission of Energy Management Systems provided for by the Energy Efficiency Law, the team of SIA Efekta has managed to perform their tasks very operatively and professionally, they complied with all our requirements on confidentiality issues, as well as integrated our development plans into the system.

Jānis Bērziņš
Head of Real Estate Management Department

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